Jointer power feeder

I used to struggle to run longer material on the jointer, if it was over 8′ long I would really have to fight to keep the board down on the bed and in even contact with the cutter.  I would use roller stands on both sides of the jointer, but that didn’t really help too much.  So, I built a quick and dirty prototype jointer power feeder.  It is just a right angle 1/4hp DC gearmotor (90rpm?), KBWM DC control, bracket,  2″ aluminum rod partially bored to accept the motor shaft, and 2″ ID polyurethane tube (60 duro).  It is adjustable up and down, and it is spring loaded to provide downward pressure.  It is attached to the bracket that holds the pork chop cutterhead cover.  Obviously I had to remove the blade guard.  That whole bracket is now spring loaded, I just loosened the bolts and connected a spring between the bottom of the bracket and the frame of the jointer.  Works pretty well for face jointing, but it can’t edge joint.  Still a lot of room for improvement.  Just waiting for a better idea to come to me.


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