Board gunk scraper?

I pulled up a whole bunch of really nice 1920’s 1.5″ long length select red oak–with lengths up to 12′–the kind of stuff you just can’t get anymore, and perfect for repairs in older homes, because the color of the wood is different than new cut red oak for some reason.  Problem was there was 100 years worth of dust, debris, and disintegrated carpet pad, stuck on the edges of every single board.  In some places as thick a 1/8″.  Some of it was loose and a chisel would take it off, but mostly it was glued on by old floor finish.  After trying a couple options, what I came up with was this spring loaded double scraper device.  It used triangular carbide scraper bits from a paint shaver pro screwed to fairly stiff spring loaded arms.  And the heart of the device was a power feeder, that was removed for this picture.

You would start the board in and it would grab it and run it through, it took a couple passes per board to get it all taken off, but it worked great.  Red oak was just barely hard enough to withstand the vigorous scraping, pine flooring would have been mangled via this process.

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